Diy||Ankara Shoe lace

Happy new month loves and I pray this month brings you joy and happiness. This is my first post this month and I wanted it to be a DIY post because its been long it did one and I miss doing it. Today’s diy is really simple and doesn’t take much time so it’s going to be a very short post. Let’s get into it…

WHAT YOU NEED.IMG_20180202_114120-01.jpeg

• Ankara of choice

• Scissors

• Clear nylon

•Glue and shoelace


WHAT TO DO.IMG_20180202_114200-01.jpeg

• Measure and cut out the Ankara using the length of an old shoe lace.IMG_20180202_114406-01.jpeg

• Apply glue to the longer hem of the ankara and fold once.IMG_20180202_114722-01.jpeg

• Apply glue to the folded part and fold once more. Cut out the extra fabric.IMG_20180202_115414-01.jpeg

• Cut a small square from the clear nylonIMG_20180202_115727-01

• Wrap it around the small end of the fabric tightly using glue. Use iron to shrink the nylon around the fabric to get that hard part of shoelace that makes it easier for fixing shoelace.IMG_20180202_121127-01.jpeg

• All done!

Do you think I nailed it? will you give this diy a try? please let me know your thoughts…

Zaynab xo


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