Taking Stock||Feb’18

Hello lovelies…

I am actually short of words right now. I am not sure if that’s because how long I have been MIA or it’s just part of the norms.After the last post on the blog which is a DIY, I had to take a break to get somethings right and I am back to continue this great journey of mine. Today, I will sharing with you guys what went down in February.

Here is how what went down in February…

LOVING: The woman I am becoming. Taking stock

EATING: rice. Right now, rice and sardine sauce is like my favourite combo.

WRITING: exams.

EXCITED ABOUT: The planner my aunt got me. Guess my life will get more organized.planner

READING: My school books cause its exam season.

TRYING TO: step out of my comfort zone. The other day I wore a pink sock which I won’t even dare try before.Socks and sneakers

APPRECIATING: my aunt, she just keeps supporting me and believes in me.

WEARING: Baggy shirt and jean.

LISTENING TO: Ire by Adekunle gold and Islamic lectures.adekul

WONDERING: how people turn out to be racist and if it’s the way they are brought up or what they have experienced.

CAN’T WAIT: to see black panther. Although it has been hyped and I can wait to see it and hype it too. WAKANDA!!! lolTaking stock

FEELING: A bit out-of-place. You know when you’re always that weird person but I love that I am weird anyways.

THINKING: about learning graphics and web design.

CAN’T GET OVER: the collection of magazines my aunt got me.maga


UNDERSTANDING: that hard work pays off and also complement goes a long way.

TIRED: of school and Ilorin to be very honest.


WISHING: I am not shy sometimes and I can tell just anybody to take pictures of me. Taking stock

HAPPY ABOUT: the short period I spent at home and I didn’t even feel like returning to school.

FINALLY: Visited the old ministry of justice in Lagos and we had to even pay to take pictures there. The place is also hella dusty and falling apart. I just love the pink aesthetic.Taking stock

That’s pretty much how my February went down and a lot of thing happened. It has been emotional, eye-opening and fun. It’s all part of living though.

How did February treat you?? what went down?

zaynab xo…


10 thoughts on “Taking Stock||Feb’18”

  1. First off, can your aunt me my aunt too. Your girl needs all the love and support she can get cos it ain’t coming from my fam at all.

    Secondly, how many magazines can I borrow. Lol.

    Great post dear. I did something similar here. You could stop by later


    1. I totally understand when support don’t come from family members but I think low key they are rooting for you. I didnt even know my dad knew I had a blog until he asked me who designed my blog for me. You can borrow all😛, thank you💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. About the #50 top you bought…. How do you keep those clothes so they don’t fade out too quickly

    I really want to know and thumbs up… You doing a great work


    1. Hey dear,
      About the 50 naira clothes, they are actually know brands like h&m, primark etc. They are just so cheap because they are second hand. So the clothe fading depends on the brand itself.


  3. Enjoyed reading this recap! It’s cool to have an aunt that supports your creativity. I’m just eyeing your magazines and journal like.
    I can also relate to being shy to ask people to take my pictures but I’m glad I have my siblings to disturb 😃😃 and you’ve been doing great with the pictures lately 👌🏾.
    Come and teach us this flatlay thing ooo we need tutorials.
    Thank you!


    1. hey ebun thank you for the heart felt comment, it means so much. Yes its actually nice to have someone support your craft. I am glad you like my pictures and about the flatlay, your girl still learning and will do that soon💕💕


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