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How To Wear A Dress Over Pant+Clear Bag Trend

dress over pant

I know its been ages since I posted here and I apologise for that. I have been writing exams and going through some phases but here I to wear a dress over pant

The dress over pant trend is still going strong in 2018 and it has been seen on celebrities and fashion bloggers. I actually think this trend has been around since my childhood. Those times when your mum will make you wear a dress or a long top over a pant to keep you warm(who else can relate?) Well its in VOGUE now and I love this trend.dress over pantdenim jacket

This trend is modest and I am a sucker for modest outfits. I also love this trend because wind cant mess with your dress cause your pant got you covered,lol.clear bag trwnd

The CLEAR bag trend also made a statement in the just concluded fashion week and I couldn’t help but jump on the trend. Lucky for me I found this clear bag for N200 and it did the job well.

HOW TO to wear a dress over pant

KEEP IT FREE AND to wear a dress over pant

If you’re going to wear a dress over a pant, keep it free. You don’t want to wear a tight dress and the whole outfit looks bleh.. The pant will probably have pockets and all so imagine a tight dress over that, doesn’t look good right?

ROCK IT WITH A JACKET, COAT OR to wear a dress over pant

Spice the outfit up with a jacket or coat especially for short dresses. It kinda gives it a more put together look which I love.


Not to look so serious because the look is supposed to be fun, go with boots, mules or kitten heels to keep it casual.

EXTRA TIPS:dress over pant

• Keep it fun..dress over pant

• If you’re opting for a long dress, go with  a button down dress and open half of the buttons or a dress with side to wear a dress over pant

• Add cute accessories.

how to wear a dress over pant
Stuff your clear bag with magazines or even another bag

how to wear a dress over pant

OUTFIT DETAILS.dress over pant

Jacket:gift|Dress: tailor-made|Denim: thrifted|Shoes: jumia fashion|Bag: thrifted|Scarf:thrifted

What do you think about these two trends? will you rock them?

zaynab xo…

16 thoughts on “How To Wear A Dress Over Pant+Clear Bag Trend”

  1. My mum used to make me wear a dress shirt over pants growing up, for a totally different reason 😩
    I like the trend, thinking about jumping on it.
    The clear bag!!!! 😍😍 for 200 bucks, girl you be at the right place at the right time !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t tried a dress with jean pants but I do remember younger years wearing dresses with leggings, so it’s almost the same trend lol. Great post and love how fun and free these photos are💖


  3. Lol…I have rocked the dress over pants trend for a long time now! As u said, Our mothers have made us do things.
    Hope exams going well, goodluck!


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