Styling A Midi Skirt


Hello loves welcome to another blog post and it’s an outfit post! Well I don’t know if I should call my skirt midi or maxi cause its kinda in between, lol. Today I will be showing you loves how I styled my midmax skirt.styling a midi skirtstyling a midi skirt

I don’t usually wear skirt (well maybe on Fridays to mosque) but when I do, it’s usually a flared skirt or pleated skirt cause I think they look cool especially with sneakers or boots. I know you see me mention boots here every time and I don’t wear them it’s because I cant wait to live in a country where I can wear it comfortably.styling a midi skirtstyling a midi skirt

This look is pretty simple and nothing so extra or complicated.In this look I paired my floral skirt which I thrifted 100 naira with a white tee which I think should be everyone’s wardrobe staple. I think white tee goes with everything like if I can decide a tee to wear I just go with it same with my white sneakers.styling a midi skirt

I added a jacket like I said in this post that a jacket makes an outfit look chic! And you guys will be seeing this jacket a lot here cause right now, I decided not to buy any clothes for a month and make most use of my wardrobe by restyling pieces.styling a midi skirtstyling a midi skirt

I decided to opt for my pvc/transparent bag, okay maybe that’s the only thing extra in this outfit just because I love this trend! I would have gone for a backpack but like I said I love this trend so I want to rock it but I still love my backpack more though.styling a midi skirt

I will be restyling this skirt soon for a street style look.


  • Pair it with a nice shirt and heels for work wear
  • Pair with a long jacket and boots for a night out
  • Pair with a baseball hat, nice tee and sneakers for a super casual look!

OUTFIT DETAILSstyling a midi skirt

white tee: thrifted||skirt: thrifted||sneakers: jumia|| bag: thrifted||jacket:||gift

what do you think about this look and how will you style your maxi/midi pleated skirt?


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