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Pluses And Minuses

Currently listening to “icon” jaden smith (love the syre album)InShot_20180404_172043360.jpg

Happy new month! and I can believe we have gotten to quarter of the year. Well there is still time to achieve this year goals and you can do it.InShot_20180402_171648408.jpg

Pluses and minuses is a post I found on Desiringsme blog and i thought it was really nice and a good way to share bits of my life with you guys. There have been pluses and minuses this year and i am going to be sharing them with you guys.

PLUS: I finally got a laptop.

Only my friends would know how much I have ranted for not having a laptop and how i constantly pressuring my dad who was punishing for getting my first laptop stolen due to my carelessness. After months of begging, he finally bought me one and yes! i am very excited cause it makes project easier and blogging too plus i get to watch a lot of series which i watch in a very unhealthy manner (I finished both grownish,blackish and strangerthings in about 3-4 days and right now i am watching the mentalist)

MINUS: My phone is bad

My phone has been giving me signs of crashing. Like it’s literally telling me “hey! I am old! you need to change me” and it’s really affecting me cause i have to borrow my friend’s phone all to take pictures and that’s why have not been taking flat lays recently. So right now i am waiting on a new phone.InShot_20180402_172527408.jpg

Shirt: thrifted

Denim: thrifted

Sneakers: shop similar here

Bag: shop similar here

Glasses: aliexpress.


PLUS: I finally have time to cook.

It’s not that I didn’t always have time to cook but i don’t like cooking like i said here and i would always disturb my friends with calls asking them if they cooked. Well guess who got tired of going out of school and started cooking her meals herself.

MINUS: unhealthy diet

Yes I started cooking but in school i eat just rice, spagetti, indomie repeat which is not so healthy and i know it’s not healthy but i take eba sometimes too. When you think of it, they are all the same thing. P.S: I tried something new recently, I made pancake with semo instead of flour and it was hella nice.InShot_20180402_181844911.jpgInShot_20180402_180254721.jpgInShot_20180402_175021141.jpg

PLUS: finally leaving school soon

In a few months I will be out of uni (by God’s grace) and I can wait to fully explore Lagos and get that feeling of not resuming school October but going for graduation instead. Although, i will start getting that “so whats next” question but who cares! I am going to be done with uni.

MINUS: there is till a lot to do.

I wish i could just skip to the part where i graduate well it’s not like that cause i still have to deal with second semester, projects and seminar presentation and i will be presenting next Monday and i am so scared.InShot_20180402_180931256.jpgInShot_20180402_174724777.jpgInShot_20180402_180622889.jpg

PLUS: I finally got myself a friend photographer

shouting out to my photographer tunrayo! for taking dope pictures of me and always forfeiting half of most Sundays for me. For also always ready to borrow me her phone plus she took this pictures too.

MINUS: not enough location.

I always want to change my shoot location but ilorin”a north central state in Nigeria” doesn’t have much attractive spot unlike Lagos. so that why i always repeat locations. i like the one in this picture though. I knew my school had a lakeside but never thought it would be this good for pictures.InShot_20180404_105903366.jpg

Any plus or minus this year? wanna share? lets do that in the comment section.

zaynab xo…

27 thoughts on “Pluses And Minuses”

  1. Congratulations on graduating in few months. Your pictures are so crisp all the time, makes me wonder what sort of camera or editing apps you use. I also love how you wore those sling bags. You look amazing dear


  2. I absolutely loved reading this post and the pictures to were fab, I’m low key hoping to have your confidence and your fashion sense. Also I wanted to ask permission to also do a pluses and minuses post cause I think it’d be fun for me to do♥️


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