On Being 21

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Twenty one is that you…

I turned twenty one today and I was just twenty yesterday (well it feels like yesterday). Twenty was filled with lessons, growth, disappointments and even failures but also happiness and joy. Twenty taught me a lot to be honest and twenty was also my comfort zone and i wanted to stay twenty forever. Whenever someone asked me my age i am so quick to say twenty cause it didn’t sound too old or too young.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetTwenty one already feels like i have to know where my life is heading and set my priorities straight. It got me asking myself what next? what do you really want to do? well i never thought about what my life will look like at twenty one(although i have in my head what it will look like at twenty five) but i am proud of my life right now. I am not where i want to be but i am not where i use to be.

zaynarozaynarozaynarozaynarozaynaroTwenty one is going to be filled with fresh starts, new adventures, love, happiness and living one day at a time. Aside the fact that i always have test on my birthday, i am cool with being twenty one and grateful to God for life.

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Whole outfit is thrifted!!

what age was your comfort zone? how did you feel when you turned 21?

33 thoughts on “On Being 21”

  1. Happy birthday and more blessings. Well I can’t really say how much felt when I turned 20 or 21 cause I’m not yet that age but I do have so many expectations when I turn 21 that I have to keep reminding myself that life isn’t perfect and sometimes plans don’t go according to plan.
    Anyways have fun todayโ™ฅ๏ธ.


  2. Happy Birthday, Darling! Truthfully I can’t rememeber what if feels like to be 21 but I hope you have a blast in this new year of yours.


  3. Happy Birthday dear! I pray this new age bring forth more blessings.
    I’m just 18, and I think I love it too much, Infact it is my comfort zone. Maybe I turn 20, I’ll like it more.


  4. 21 is definitely a year you should celebrate. I don’t know the reason behind these but folks say 21 is the climax of the transition between your teenage year and adulthood.
    Have fun darl


  5. I am twenty one going on twenty two and I agree that 21 is an emotional age, that is the age when shit gets real. You keep feeling like you have to figure stuff out now now. Funny thing is I always felt too young till I turned 21.


  6. I really love this post dear.
    Happy birthday dear…. Many more years to come .
    I think 20 is still one of the best age I felt in between adulthood and teenage life… Nevertheless, it’s good to grow up…


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