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Hi guys!!! I am back! I am typing this with so much joy cause I glad to be back doing what I love.

on getting back to blogging

How have y’all been? Checked my last post and I realized have been gone for about 3 months and I am really sorry about that. I was gone for so many reasons but i am glad to be back now.

Life offline had advantages and disadvantages. Advantages in terms that I had no distractions and got things done quicker. Disadvantage in terms that I didn’t know what was going on everywhere, like i would get to school and my friends will be like ” did you hear about the assignment or did you hear about what happened to a celebrity ” and i will have this “you say what?” expression on my face.

I was gone for so long because I didn’t have a good phone and my friend’s phone I usually use got spoilt, life right? I decided to just chill and just focus on my project and final exams.on getting back to blogging

But hey! I am done with all that and I am back with full force and ready to continue my journey into the blogosphere. I am going to start slow cause i have been kinda stuck since i got back online. on getting back to blogging

I am so glad to be back and I also miss doing this. I cant wait to share more contents and interact with you guys as you follow me on this journey.


Scarf: Random trader

Denim shirt: thrifted

Denim trouser:@shopyemi_

P.S: i made the backdrop in this pictures at home myself. Want to know how i made it? Stay glued to my I.G page @zaynaro and please do follow if you ain’t  following already.

Have you ever gone offline for a long time? How was the life offline?

zaynab xo…


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